I have recently been looking through old archives of photos that I have taken over the years. Here are a few of my favorite photos so far. Ill be adding more as I find them. All these photos were taken with my canon EOS 40D SLR camera. There are newer models now. I still love my trusty old SLR though.

Bridge over calm water   Angled Heart

Three Canoes   low bridge

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The beginning of a new era

The beginning of a new era

A year ago, I applied to university to study Design and Technology at degree level with QTS (Qualified Teachers Status). This year in September I began my journey as a mature student with the light at the end of the tunnel being a certificate saying that I am competent and qualified to teach Design and Technology at secondary school level.

Having been out of education since just before my son Oliver was born ( yes I was heavily pregnant when I was finishing my Graphic Design HNC!) I didn’t feel super confident about my studying skills. Earlier this year I studied a module with the open university called Design Thinking in the 21st Century which helped massively. But because the OU is distance learning, I found it to be more of a “wing it and hope” way of study which really didn’t suit me. So armed with my kindle and all the free and very cheap kindle books available on study skills and the many many YouTube videos available I set about reading as much as I could and making notes to read through and study. I still have these notes should I want to look over them again.


And so far so good with the note taking!! 90% of the stuff I wrote has come up in lectures and has even given me a bit of an edge where discussions in class have taken place.

5 weeks into the course; have I made the right decision? Yes I most definitely think so. My three lovely kids don’t seem do have suffered with me leaving them to pursue a dream career. Infact, I think they’re benefiting from their time in Nursery and away from the house and me. Ollie, being 4, has to go to school and is doing really well.

The workload so far seems manageable as well. As long as I keep organised with my trusty Filofax, and keep on top of the work I will do just fine. But as a mum of three young children, time management is a whole different ball game! I’ll save that for another day and another post.

Bye for now xxxx

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Changing from day per page to week on two!!

So, here’s the thing. When I first started my love affair with my beloved A5 Raspberry Finsbury, I was all for the day per page layout. Its what came with the Filofax, and not wanting to shell out more money for something i wasn’t sure id like, i decided to stick with it and see how things panned out. Its been about 3 months now and I’ve been toying with the idea of going for a week on two pages for a while. It was getting annoying having to change page each day (trivial I know!) and moving my daily to do’s chore list along with the other post it notes I have to remind my self of things i need to do was just a bore basically!. I was forgetting important dates, planning things to do at the end of the week and double booking myself, because i didn’t have that view of my whole week on the Sunday night etc. It was a pain to say the least. OK, maybe a bit of an over dramatization there, but you get what i mean. As my husband would attest, I’m a proper weirdo, and i like to decorate my pages with stickers!! I don’t know why, i just like to! and I love stickers. I suppose it feeds my creative weirdo living in my head. But, I don’t like to waste them little lovelies, so another reason behind changing to a week per view is to save on my stickers.

Id love to say that the main reason for changing to a week per view is time management with regards to household chores and housewifely stuff. But I’m no good at that stuff. Ill do a load of housework on the Monday then not bother for the rest of the week. Maybe emptying and refilling the dishwasher and giving the kitchen a bit of a tidy up as needed, but with three young children running around playing i really don’t see the point!! especially as come September, Ill hardly see them for being stuck in lectures all day every day. 12 weeks to go so 12 weeks of playing with the kids is how i see it. Having said that, I do actually try to plan the weeks house work, so maybe having the week per view will help me keep on top of it all much more efficiently, and not feel so overwhelmed with it all. I have a tendency to procrastinate quite a bit when I’m overwhelmed with stuff. Which is possibly the reason for this post today and printing off the week per view. Yes I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment. I have a big re branding project on the cards and not as much time as id like to spend on it. I can foresee lots of evenings up in my ‘loftice’ (yes i borrowed the word from OrganizedJen!!) grafting away at this little/big project. So another reason to be more efficient in my time management!

Anyways, Its time for a “cupper di uppper” as we say in this house!!

L8rs my lovelies xxx

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